The most important element of portraiture is capturing the essence of the subject. My goal is to bring out in a drawing or painting the qualities that best represent a beloved pet. With skills learned during my B.F.A. studies at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, and knowledge gained through trial and error over the years, I approach each commission the same way. I gain an understanding of the animal through conversation with the owner and through examination of as many photographs as possible. With a living animal, I meet him/ her and take my own photographs. Once I get a sense of the fur-friend, I can start.

For many people a portrait comes after a loss. The painted or drawn image offers a traditional, timeless reminder of that friendship. Because many portraits are given as gifts, and there could be a month between the giving of the gift and the actual presentation of the drawing or painting, an additional service is possible of a 'gift certificate' which includes a small sketch of the subject. The small sketch allows the gift giver to have something tangible to offer before the portrait is done.

For example:

Portraits range in price depending on size, media and complexity. Let me know what you want and I can better assess the price.


Victoria Hollingum, 2014